USGBC LEED Certification

At Concierge Cleaning Services we specialize in helping our clients achieve U.S.G.B.C. LEED certification. Our team members will analyze your current janitorial services and supplies to identify areas where our “green” standard cleaning program can benefit your certification. On average our services accounts for over 17 percent of the LEED. certification process. Awarding us the contract to provide you with our services immediately puts your property on track for becoming recognized as an environmentally friendly and sustainable property by the U.S.G.B.C.


Contract Award

After we have been awarded the contract, our team will conduct an asset analysis and start building a customized inspection template for your property. Prior to the initial day of service, our management team will meet with each tenant to ensure all suite specific requests, alarm codes, and other pertinent information is documented for our onsite team. A consumable supply account will be established with our distributor who will ready delivery from our online ordering system. Additional onsite team members will go through our rigorous hiring process, begin training and certification, and uniforms will be ordered.


Transition Process

On the first day of service our distribution partners will deliver all equipment to your property. Our management team and supervisors will be onsite to conduct a thorough assessment of the property and conduct further onsite employee training, prepare the needed equipment, and begin service. The supervisor and manager will inspect the property together and make adjustments as needed to ensure the tenants have no issues when arriving the following day.  Our management team will be on site daily for the first week to monitor any potential issues so they are resolved immediately.


Ongoing Performance

Monthly inspections are conducted by our management team and focus on all areas of your property including our employee’s brand representation.  These reports are sent the first week of every month for your records. These reports are customizable and built for your property during the transition process. The reports are also adaptable as new tenants move into your property. The reports are very easy to read. They are color-coded, contain pictures, and additional notes so you know what is happening at your property.